Revive Us, Again…



Clear!!!!! Reviving!!!

When a person goes into full cardiac arrest, it is sometimes necessary to try to revive them using defibrillator paddles. Why are the paddles necessary? An attempt to revive a patient, using a defibrillator, is needed because a person’s heart is not able to function properly on its own.  The paddle is used to get the heart beat back to a regular rhythm and is able to beat properly on its own.

Our spirit works the same way. There are times when our spirit becomes weak and gets weary. However, instead of reviving our spirit with a defibrillator paddle, we seek God for a Revival.

Why revival? Revival is necessary when our spirit has been neglected from not being in the presence of God and there is a need to get back in perfect alignment and cadence with God.

Neglect can be caused by not spending time with God through prayer, worship, or studying the Word. Neglect is from putting other things in higher priority above our relationship with God.

Spiritual neglect is not always purposeful. Sometimes revival is needed because we have been in a long bout of spiritual warfare and our spirit is exhausted from the battle.

For whatever the reason, we can call on God to Revive Us again. Revive us by breathing new life into our spirit until we feel our strength returning.

If you are in need of a refreshing, simply ask God to Revive your heart, mind, soul, and spirit and to place your feet firmly in a secure place and back in fellowship with Him.

I pray that you enjoy the worship video performed by Anthony Evans entitled, “See You Again.”

I love you, All, with an AMAZING LOVE. Stay close to God. Our relationship with Him is our number one priority.

Rev. Marcia Davis





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