Hosanna in the Highest…

Good morning and Happy Praise Friday. 


What is your praise report for the week? Please share and encourage others. 

On Fridays, we set aside the morning to give God our highest and best praise.

I pray this week that we have all learned something new that we can use to make this world a better place.

May we each continue to shine as brightly as we can. May we consciously smile, wave, or give someone a hug this weekend.

May we help someone in need, instead of looking down in judgement. May every encounter we experience make God look good.

May every hard trial we have encountered this week be enclosed with a “Thank You” to God, because we know and understand that everything we go through is for our growth or God’s glory. Amen.

Hosanna in the highest!!! Prepare the Way of the Lord.

Please enjoy the worship video today performed by Kirk Franklin entitled, “Hosanna.”

Love and Hugs to you. (((Squeeze))))

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

P.S. If you ever see me in the metro Atlanta area, stop me and say, “Hello.” I would love to meet you.


Prepare the Way…


Isaiah 40:2-5

The Message (MSG)

Messages of Comfort

Prepare for God’s Arrival

40 1-2 “Comfort, oh comfort my people,”
    says your God.
“Speak softly and tenderly to Jerusalem,
    but also make it very clear
That she has served her sentence,
    that her sin is taken care of—forgiven!
She’s been punished enough and more than enough,
    and now it’s over and done with.”

3-5 Thunder in the desert!
    “Prepare for God’s arrival!
Make the road straight and smooth,
    a highway fit for our God.
Fill in the valleys,
    level off the hills,
Smooth out the ruts,
    clear out the rocks.
Then God’s bright glory will shine
    and everyone will see it.
    Yes. Just as God has said.”

What does it mean to prepare for someone’s arrival? What steps do we take for a special guest coming into our home?

We clean the house (Our temple). We want to make the best impression possible and make our guest feel at home.

So it is also when we await for God’s return. We use our time, here on earth, to prepare for the Lords return. After all we are the bride, awaiting for our Groom’s return.

Please enjoy today’s worship video, performed by Judy Jacobs entitled, “Days of Elijah (No God Like Jehovah).”

I’d Rather See A Sermon

Poet Edgar Guest


I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day; I’d rather one should walk with me than merely tell the way.

The eye’s a better pupil and more willing than the ear, Fine counsel is confusing, but example’s always clear; And the best of all preachers
are the men who live their creeds, For to see good put in action
is what everybody needs.

I soon can learn to do it if you’ll let me see it done; I can watch your hands in action, but your tongue too fast may run. And the lecture you deliver may be very wise and true, But I’d rather get my lessons
by observing what you do;

For I might misunderstand you and the high advice you give, But there’s no misunderstanding how you act and how you live.

  • How we show up in the world matters.
  • How we show up in the lives of others matters.
  • How we show up for God matters. 
  • How we show up for ourselves matters.

The bible is not just a book to read. It is a manual to live by. 

We must ask the Lord to order or steps every day. 

Please enjoy the worship video performed by the GMWA Women of Worship as they perform the song entitled, “Order My Steps.”

Rev. Marcia Davis

Preparing for Greater…


John 14:12

Contemporary English Version (CEV)

12 I tell you for certain that if you have faith in me, you will do the same things that I am doing. You will do even greater things, now that I am going back to the Father.

Last week, I watched an episode of the tv series Masterclass that comes on the OWN Network. Each episode highlights one particular famous person, whether they are an athlete, actor, poet, social activist and so on.

The episode I watch was about basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. In the episode, O’Neal speaks of the love and respect he has for his step father, who he calls dad.

Every time O’Neal would win a trophy his father would always take the trophy and hide it. This went on for years and years. Many years later, when Shaquille was grown and playing for the Lakers,  he was helping his father move and he found a huge box with all of his missing trophies. O’Neal asked his father why he hid them for so long. His father’s response was, “I never wanted you to settle. I always wanted you to be greater tomorrow than you were today.”

So it is the same in our Christian walk. Jesus tells us, in the gospels, that we will do even GREATER things than he did, once the spirit of God dwells within us.

In order for us to get to greater, what needs to take place?  Just like an athlete we have to train. We are training our mind, will, emotions, spirit and flesh. We are working out by:

  • Studying the Word
  • Having prayer time
  • Fellowshiping with mature believers
  • Going to church
  • Using our faith
  • Trusting God

Saints of God, never settle. You have so much greatness in you.

Greater is He that lives INSIDE of you than he that lives in the world. (1 John 4:4)

Please enjoy the worship video today performed by MercyMe entitled, “Greater.”

Rev. Marcia Davis

Help Me to Believe…


What allows us to be able to trust God with our whole heart?

How do we trust when a love one dies?

How do we trust when we have suffered a great loss?

How do we trust when everything we own is swept away by a flood or other natural disaster?

Trusting God is never promised to be easy. What trusting God does insure is that we can have access to peace, in knowing that God will never leave us or forsake us. Every time we experience hurt, pain, sadness or loss, God is right there with us.

Today we can all pray the prayer of faith to help us to trust God more, just as written in the gospel of Mark. The father asked for Jesus to heal his son. He did have some faith that Jesus would heal his son, but he still asked Jesus to increase his faith even more.

Mark 9:21-24

Contemporary English Version (CEV)

21 Jesus asked the boy’s father, “How long has he been like this?”

The man answered, “Ever since he was a child. 22 The demon has often tried to kill him by throwing him into a fire or into water. Please have pity and help us if you can!”

23 Jesus replied, “Why do you say ‘if you can’? Anything is possible for someone who has faith!”

24 Right away the boy’s father shouted, “I do have faith! Please help me to have even more.”

Let us pray:

Heaven Father: We thank you that you are so patient with us, as we learn and grow in You. We know that we have still not come into the fullness of who we are destined to be in Christ. We believe, but help us to believe and trust you even more. More than anything, Lord, we want a heart like Yours.

Thank you for loving us so much that you would place your spirit in us to lead us and guide us in your will and in your way. We love you, Lord, because you first loved us, beyond Calvary. Hear our prayer, Lord. Let our prayers be a sweet sound in your ears. In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus, we seal this prayer. Amen and Amen.

I love you All with an AMAZING LOVE. Praise God that we are learning and growing together. Please feel to share this and any other of the daily devotionals that have blessed or encouraged you in some way. Rev. Marcia Davis

Please enjoy the worship today. It is a gospel medley of I Love You/We Exalt Thee.

This Means War!!!




That means it’s time to get our battle praise ready. Every Friday, at the Sacred Journey, means that we start the day off with High Praises to God.

We are praising God with a purpose. Mainly because He is worthy of all of our praises, but also because it is time for the body of Christ to get in the enemy’s face. We have been way to passive and silent for entirely too long. The enemy has gotten away with much.

As you sing with this song today start naming the things you are going to WAR about. Be serious about it and be mad.

Are you ready? Then let’s get it started.

The song is performed by Charles Jenkins and is entitled, “War.”

Have a great weekend. I love you with an AMAZING LOVE.

Rev. Marcia Davis

What a Beautiful Name…


Good morning,

This morning’s devotion is in a different format than usual.  As you know, I love worship music. The lyrics to today’s worship video are so powerful that I decided to make the song the message for today.

LISTEN and sweetly sing the song to God this morning. (Can you imagine going outside and singing this song as the sun begins to rise?)

Please meditate on the words of this song as you watch the video.

Have a wonderful day. I love you with an AMAZING LOVE.

Rev. Marcia Davis

What A Beautiful Name

You were the Word at the beginning
One With God the Lord Most High
Your hidden glory in creation
Now revealed in You our Christ
What a beautiful Name it is
What a beautiful Name it is
The Name of Jesus Christ my King
What a beautiful Name it is
Nothing compares to this
What a beautiful Name it is
The Name of Jesus
You didn’t want heaven without us
So Jesus, You brought heaven down
My sin was great, Your love was greater
What could separate us now
What a wonderful Name it is
What a wonderful Name it is
The Name of Jesus Christ my King
What a wonderful Name it is
Nothing compares to this
What a wonderful Name it is
The Name of Jesus
What a wonderful Name it is
The Name of Jesus
How sweet is your name, Lord, how good You are
Love to sing in the name of the Lord, love to sing for you all?
Death could not hold You, the veil tore before You
You silenced the boast, of sin and grave
The heavens are roaring, the praise of Your glory
For You are raised to life again
You have no rival, You have no equal
Now and forever, Our God reigns
Yours is the Kingdom, Yours is the glory
Yours is the Name, above all names
What a powerful Name it is
What a powerful Name it is
The Name of Jesus Christ my King
What a powerful Name it is
Nothing can stand against
What a powerful Name it is
The Name of Jesus
You have no rival, You have no equal
Now and forever, Our God reigns
Yours is the Kingdom, Yours is the glory
Yours is the Name, above all names
What a powerful Name it is
What a powerful Name it is
The Name of Jesus Christ my King
What a powerful Name it is
Nothing can stand against
What a powerful Name it is
The Name of Jesus

What a powerful Name it is
The Name of Jesus
What a powerful Name it is
The Name of Jesus

Songwriters: Brooke Ligertwood / Ben Fielding
What A Beautiful Name lyrics © Capitol Christian Music Group

LISTEN, It Might Just Save Your Life…


Today’s devotional is extremely important, please do not ignore. 

God loves his children. God is very protective and jealous. If you are in relationship with God and are sensitive to the voice and promoting of the Holy Spirit, you will receive divine  instructions and revelations.

If God begins to show you things about a situation, DO NOT IGNORE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN SHOWN. Get your feelings and emotions out of the way and LISTEN. What you are being shown may very well save your life.

Ask three questions:

  1. Why is God showing me this?

  2. What are my instructions?

  3. When do I need to act?

After you ask your questions, be quiet and LISTEN. Don’t call three people and ask them what they think. They weren’t the ones that gave you the instructions, so why go to them for the answer.

Be still…

Our society is so used to microwave gratification that we have grown uncomfortable and anxious when we have to wait.

Still your mind and heart , and wait on God for the answers. Most importantly, once you receive the answers, OBEY.

There is a reason that 1 Samuel 15:22 says that Obedience is BETTER THAN Sacrifice.

1 Samuel 15:22

Expanded Bible (EXB)

22 But Samuel answered,

“What pleases the Lord more:
    burnt offerings and sacrifices
    or obedience to his voice?
·It is better to obey [Obedience is better] than to sacrifice.
    ·It is better to listen to God than to offer [Submission/Heeding is better than] the fat of ·sheep [rams].

I know that going where you have never gone before may be a little scary, but know that God would never tell you to do anything, or go anywhere, that he had not already prepared for you. Stand in faith. Walk out into the deep waters, as deep calls out to deep.

Saints of God, I love you and I want the very best for you. I pray that you would have every blessing that heaven has ordained for you to have. I also pray that you would be a blessing to someone else as well.

Please enjoy the worship video today performed by Hillsong United entitled  “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”

Why Grace?


Good morning, Saints of the Most High God:

What an amazing feeling it is to be loved, beyond our faults, beyond our sin and beyond our imperfections.

What is the Grace of God? The Grace of God can really be summed up in one word…Relationship.

Ephesians 2:8-9

New International Version (NIV)

For it is by grace you have been saved,through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

Grace cannot be earned, bribed, or coerced. Grace is an ummerited gift. God’s Grace was provided by Jesus Christ. Jesus had no sin and was unblemished. He became the Sacred Sacrifice for our sins.

The blood of the Cross and the resurrected Savior is the only reason that God can see us perfected. God is looking at us through a pair of blood stained glass. He doesn’t see our sin because the blood sacrifice was made on our behalf.

We are the children of God. We should be wearing the same grace-covered glasses as we look at others. With the same Grace that God has given to us, so must we give to others.

It is not up to us to judge others. We must love as Jesus did and pray for those who are still learning and growing in the Lord.

We were given a gift. Let us be grateful every day for God’s Amazing Grace. As we walk the earth, let us shine and encourage others so that they to may be partakers of the greatest gift ever given.

Be blessed today. Please enjoy the worship video performed by Chris Tomlin entitled, “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)”

Remember, I love you with an AMAZING LOVE.

Rev. Marcia Davis




Good morning, Saints of the Most High God:

Every Monday, at the Sacred Journey, we begin the day with prayer. Please join me.

Heavenly Father,

We pause for a moment in our day to say, “Thank You.” Even when times are tough and so many things may not be going our way, we still say, “Thank You.”

Great Jehovah, we understand that you know the end from the beginning. We understand that your thoughts are much higher than our thoughts, as we are your creations and you are the Creator of all things.

We run to the Throne Room and cry out with the angels and elders:

 “Our Lord and God,
    you are worthy
to receive glory,
    honor, and power.
You created all things,
and by your decision they are
    and were created.”


Revelation 4:9-11

Contemporary English Version (CEV)

The living creatures kept praising, honoring, and thanking the one who sits on the throne and who lives forever and ever. 10 At the same time the twenty-four elders knelt down before the one sitting on the throne. And as they worshiped the one who lives forever, they placed their crowns in front of the throne and said,

11 “Our Lord and God,
    you are worthy
to receive glory,
    honor, and power.
You created all things,
and by your decision they are
    and were created.”

Please enjoy today’s worship video performed by Kim Walkee-Smith entitled, “Throne Room.”