Hosanna in the Highest…

Good morning and Happy Praise Friday. 


What is your praise report for the week? Please share and encourage others. 

On Fridays, we set aside the morning to give God our highest and best praise.

I pray this week that we have all learned something new that we can use to make this world a better place.

May we each continue to shine as brightly as we can. May we consciously smile, wave, or give someone a hug this weekend.

May we help someone in need, instead of looking down in judgement. May every encounter we experience make God look good.

May every hard trial we have encountered this week be enclosed with a “Thank You” to God, because we know and understand that everything we go through is for our growth or God’s glory. Amen.

Hosanna in the highest!!! Prepare the Way of the Lord.

Please enjoy the worship video today performed by Kirk Franklin entitled, “Hosanna.”

Love and Hugs to you. (((Squeeze))))

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

P.S. If you ever see me in the metro Atlanta area, stop me and say, “Hello.” I would love to meet you.


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