Good morning,

Many of our hearts are so heavy this morning due to the tragedy in Las Vegas this weekend. The death toll and injury count keep going up.

Yesterday, I just cried and cried. My heart and my spirit were in so much pain. I’m confused and overwhelmed that one person, the shooter, could hold so much anger, pain, and hate in his soul.

We lift up this prayer to God for all of the lives and families that are now forever changed.

Father God

We pray for the comfort and peace of our hurting nation. Thank you that even in tragedy people came together as one. I pray that after the dust has settled that we will continue to remain connected.

We pray for the shooter’ s soul. His soul and heart had to be in a dark and hurting place. We pray for his family as they are in just as much shock as the rest of the country.

Father, we know that many people will blame you for this and ask why you allowed it to happen. You have given each  of us free will, to make choices both good and bad. Allow those people to see that you were there covering and protecting so many people. For those that turn away from you, because of this, may their hearts eventually find their way back to you.

In Jesus name,


I love you, All. May we continue to be ONE NATION UNDER GOD. 


Rev. Marcia Davis

Please enjoy today’s worship song below performed by Rascal Flatts entitled, “Bless The Broken Road.” May each heart that is hurting seek refuge in God.

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