Bridge of Light….


Greetings, Beloved Family:

I pray that your heart and mind are focused on God. During this time in our communities, country and world, there is so much happening. One thing I hope we understand, as a people, is that only love can fix certain problems.

When we have gotten in our own way and attempt to do things in the way of the world, the result is that we compound the problem.

Love is the great connector. Only love can be the stepping stone across the bridge to aide in understanding the situation.

Why does love open doors and build bridges? Because love takes our agenda out of the way. Love is patient, kind, long-suffering and so many other characteristics that call for us to put down our weapons of words, thoughts and actions.

Ask God for a renewed heart that is filled with the love of his heart and mind. Step out on faith and walk the bridge of light that is lined with true agape love.

May your footprints lead others to the path of love. Go in peace, while praising and serving the Lord.

Rev. Marcia Davis

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