Inhaling God…


Good morning, Family:

I pray that you woke up this morning with a spirit of gratefulness and gratitude to God. Yes, life can sometimes hand us things that we didn’t expect, but each day is one more day that we get to brag on God for bringing us through.

Transparency Alert: I can remember a time in my life, about 12 years ago, when I truly could not see a way out of the mess I was in. I was sitting in my living floor just crying. I was feeling overwhelmed and scared. I was tired of eating rice and beans or going to bed hungry. I was too ashamed to ask my family for anymore help. I couldn’t pay my bills and I didn’t know where to turn.

In that moment, I distinctly remember the Holy Spirit touching my heart. With tears still rolling down my face, I opened my mouth and said, “Father, I thank you for allowing me to go through this. Thank you for loving me and for walking with me. Thank you, God, for this season. I know that it will make me better and bring me closer to you. May you receive all the glory for what is about to happen.”

Family, I cant explain it, but my spirit knew to speak those words outloud into the atmosphere. My spirit knew that I had to bless the Lord at all times. After that evening, I was able to get up off of the floor with a peace that went down to the very core of my being.

What happened was, throughout my life, I never really truly put 100% of my trust in God. Every time I got in a jam or difficult place, I would panic and run to my family for help. God, in his infinite wisdom, knew that I needed to become spiritually, emotionally and physically mature. So what did God do? He closed every door that I would normally turn to for help. He gave me no choice but to face my fears and reply solely on Him. I’m so glad that He did. My faith in God is one of my strongest features now.

I’ve learned to trust and rely on God. When facing trials, people ask me now why I’m so calm. I respond, with a smile, “because God has it under control. He will lead us in the way to go.”

That season of my life is when the 23rd Psalm came alive to me. I let go of fear and worry. Whenever the fear tries to creep back in, I go back to the Word of God and also reflect on all the other times God has brought me through.

Remember this, saints, everything we go through is for our growth or God’s glory. 

Today, as you start your day, read Psalm 23 and then quietly listen to the words of today’s worship video from Anthony Evans entitled, Back to Life.

Psalm 23 

New Life Version (NLV)

The Lord—Our Shepherd

23 The Lord is my Shepherd. I will have everything I need. He lets me rest in fields of green grass. He leads me beside the quiet waters. He makes me strong again. He leads me in the way of living right with Himself which brings honor to His name. Yes, even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not be afraid of anything, because You are with me. You have a walking stick with which to guide and one with which to help. These comfort me. You are making a table of food ready for me in front of those who hate me. You have poured oil on my head. I have everything I need. For sure, You will give me goodness and loving-kindness all the days of my life. Then I will live with You in Your house forever.

I love you all with the everlasting and unending love of Christ Jesus, our Wayshower, Waymaker, and Chief Intercessor and Lord.

Rev. Marcia F. Davis