Prayer is Your Weapon…

For many people, when they think of spiritual warfare they picture a scary scene from the movies. What most people don’t realize is that most spiritual warfare is done on our knees or in a quiet place set aside for our time with God.

The world needs more prayer warriors. We need more people who set aside a time to seek God’s face and go into the Holy of Holies and bow down before God on behave of our families, our country and our world.

One of the most effective prayers is the Lord’s Prayer.

Our Father, in heaven. 

Holy, Awesome, and AMAZING is Your Name.

Your will be done, Oh God, on the earth, as it has been decreed and declared in heaven. Let your Kingdom manifest on this earth in the seen and unseen realms. 

Give us today what you have ordained for us to have. You are our provider of everything we need. You are our daily supply and our Perfect Portion.

Forgive our sins, Father. May we also forgive and release those who have sinned against us. For you alone are our judge. 

Lead and guide us away from temptation. Pull us away from anything that would steal from our relationship with you. Deliver us, protect us, shield us from the spirit of evil. 

For your Kingdom, Lord, deserves all of our glory, honor and praise. Amen. 

Saints, it’s time to go deeper. It’s time to stand stronger. Protect and cover the areas you have been assigned to by God.

I love you with an AMAZING LOVE.

Rev. Marcia Davis 

Let’s Break EVERY chain of bondage to sin and defeat by the enemy.

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