I am an adult college student majoring in Psychology. I attend a Christian University. Last night, in class, we were sharing our class projects. As it turned out, as each of us shared, we all came back to sharing our testimonies.

My testimony helped me to explain to others why I love, honor, and adore the God and Savior that I serve.

Everyone’s relationship, on their spiritual path,  is different. Each believer has their own relationship with God that is theirs and theirs alone. Every spiritual journey is truly sacred and divine.

I pray for everyone reading  this devotional. May you continually go deeper in your relationship with God. May you continue to hunger and thirst for more of God every day. May your “Love Walk” be a beautiful testimony to others. May your walk be so passionate that it inspires others to have a desire to know God for themselves.

Be blessed today and every day.

I love you with an AMAZING LOVE.

Rev. Marcia Davis

Please get in a posture of worship as you listen to today’s worship video from Hillsong entitled, “Yahweh.”

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