Oh Happy Day

Today’s devotional is dedicated to Glen Campbell. When he found Jesus it changed his whole life. I wanted to share his testimony with you today. 

Article Credit: Guideposts Classics: Glen Campbell on God’s Grace / October 15, 2014

Glen: It was during the 1970s that I had begun using cocaine, and I became addicted almost immediately. This may sound strange, but the worse my drinking and drugging became, the more I prayed and studied the Bible.

Some would say I was a hypocrite, and I guess I couldn’t blame them. But I felt like a drowning man grasping for a life preserver. Somehow I knew there was only one way out of the mess I had made of my life. I was searching for that truth to save me.

I grew up in a Christian home back in Delight, Ark. Even though Daddy and Mama got us to church regularly, I had never been baptized. So in December of 1981, about a year before Kim and I were married, we flew to Arkansas, where I asked my brother Lindell, a Church of Christ preacher, to baptize us.

It was freezing cold, four days before Christmas, but I wanted to be baptized like the Christians of old—fully immersed. I stripped down to my blue jeans and waded into Saline Creek, my childhood swimming hole.

Once, when I was two, I fell into a slough and nearly drowned. It was Lindell who resuscitated me on the muddy red bank.

When the baptism was over, Kim and I sat in Lindell’s truck, shivering under a mound of blankets as I sang “Oh Happy Day.” I couldn’t help thinking back to when Lindell had saved my life as a little boy. Now, so many years later, I was hoping to be saved again.

Please enjoy today’s worship video entitled, “Oh Happy Day” performed by Glen Campbell. 


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