Do Unto Others…


Good morning. Family:

I try to always be transparent with you, as I believe that truth is liberating and freeing.

First, let me say that I am so blessed to have subscribers from literally every continent on the globe. I’m glad that Sacred Journey Devotionals is a place that we all know and understand that we a family of many ethnicities.

These past few days and weeks, I have truly been struggling with being a Light. I am an African-American woman, who was born and raised in the South to two very well educated and professional parents. My mother was very vocal during the civil rights movement and my father made history, in the small Tennessee town where we lived.

My mother participated in sit-ins and other civil rights activities and my father was one of the first black men to ever work at the Oakridge Nuclear Power Plant. Initially, he and other black men had to receive a military escort into the plant.  I did not learn about this until the year my father died from cancer.

I thought, as the years progressed, that our culture would drastically be more progressive, inclusive and accepting. It seems as though every time I turn on the news now and I see so many of our African American men, boys and children being terrorized.

This weekend, watching the news, I see the knee of an officer on a handcuffed man’s neck. I just watched the video in horror and just cried. I thought about my husband immediately and I became terrified.

My husband goes out each week and works so hard for our family. However, he knows that in order for him to ensure his safety, he tries not to travel at night or to travel alone if working outside of the state.

I literally had a panic attack this morning watching him leave the house. He just held me and let me cry. I’m telling you all this so that you can understand my heart.

I come from a beautiful ethnically diverse family. We love each other so much. I just wish I knew what to do to help change the world.

I have faith in the Lord, it’s people that scare me. Please pray for the hearts of man to change.

Rev. Marcia Davis

One thought on “Do Unto Others…

  1. My heart breaks for where we now are in the world, but I continue to trust God and ask, how can I make a difference. Also Google the song, “Everything Is Beautiful” by Ray Stevens.

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