Today, I said, “I Do” to my best friend, my heart-song and my soul mate. We have laughed and cried, in both joy and pain. We have learned about each other. We have grown with each other and we continue to do so. No matter what, we have remained a Team. We are rooted and grounded in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The first year of our marriage I read the book, “The Power of a Praying Wife.” Stormy O’Martian is an amazing writer. I recommend this book to every married couple and to those who are engaged to be married. I recommend reading it more than once throughout your marriage. Her husband also wrote a version for husbands entitled, “The Power of a Praying Husband.”

Being married to my husband has brought a joy and a peace to my life that is unexplainable. My heart beats with his and my breath is intertwined with his.

I prayed for this type of love. When I was single and God began to prepare me for a husband, I was so afraid of the thought of getting married. The only reason for my fear is that I was so content being under the shadow and covering of God. The love that I received from God was complete and whole and I didn’t want any part of it to diminish. So, I told God, that the only way I would get married is if the one he picked for me made me feel like He made me feel. A feeling of peace, love, and tranquility.

God not only gave me all those things in Anthony, but he gave me so much more. I’m so blessed to say that I am his and he is mine, by the power and decree of God.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart.
I Love You
Marcia Davis

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