El Shaddai…


In different scholarly articles and journals,  El Shaddai’s translation has been debated. The meaning has been said to be one of the  following:

  • God Almighty 
  • Breast of God
  • God of the Mountains

However, no matter what translation is used, God is STILL God. One of the first solos I ever sang was Amy Grant’s “El Shaddai.” I sang it for a Woman’s Tea at the Lutheran Church I grew up in – in Decatur, Georgia.

My mom and dad and I had just moved to Atlanta from Nashville/Antioch, Tennessee. I was terrified to sing in front of anyone by myself. I grew up singing, but it was always in an ensemble or choir. I loved to harmonize with other voices.

This one Saturday, it was just me and El Shaddai. My heart was beating out of my chest and my mouth was dry. However, when I closed my eyes and imagined that I was singing directly to God, the words and sound came.

Ever since that day, I have walked into my calling as a worshipper and minister. I preached my first sermon a couple of years later. Looking back, on this Throw Back Thursday, I stand in a position of gratefulness and humbleness that God would continue to use me.

Thank You, God, for using my imperfection to share the Redeeming message of your Love made Flesh. Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel…

I love you, All, with an AMAZING LOVE.

Be forever blessed. Rev. Marcia Davis


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