Study to show yourself approved (2 Timothy 2:15)

Study to show yourself approved.
As a Christian, one of the wonderful things God has blessed me with is the ability to talk to almost anyone.

As a minister and a counselor, it is imperative that I present myself with an open heart to all.
Please know the difference between having a open heart and being luke warm. Luke warm, as a Christian, means a person’s decisions, thoughts and actions can be easily swayed by any new doctrine, idea or behavior, like a child being tossed by the water or wind of the air (Ephesians 4:14). However, having an open and loving heart means that you can love anyone without judgement. Dont worry, I will explain further.

We are called Christians because we are followers of Christ. We follow the examples that he left for us in the bible. In the bible, when a person demonstrated a behavior that went against the Law, Jesus’s response was always Love First and then correction or forgiveness second. That is also our instruction and the divine order cannot be changed. Love FIRST, THEN correction and forgiveness second.

As Christians we can sometimes be the most judgemental and hard-hearted people. I emplore us all to stand in the nature and character of Christ. Remember who you are and remember whose you are. We have all, at one point, eaten at the table of Grace and Mercy. The fact is that God loved ALL OF US so much that he came in the flesh to Love us first and to forgive us second. The Cross First, the empty tomb second.

Please meditate on Isaiah 53 in your quite time. Listen with your heart.


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