Our help and strength….

During the happy and joyful times, it’s always easy to praise the Lord. The test comes when the waters get rough and the trials get hard.

As Christians, when we go through hurt and pain, our natural instinct is to sometimes curl up in a ball and cry, “why me?” It is in those times that we need to call on the Lord even more. When circumstances in life shake your marriage, your job, your children, your family, or your health, the first thing many people do is panic.

Jesus promises to be our help and strength in times of trouble and our peace in the mist of the storm. The next time a trial comes and believe me it will come, dont panic, call on your Strength and stand in the shadow of His wings.

Meditate today on the following scripture passages: Psalm 28:7 & Psalm 121:2 & Psalm 91.

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