Focused Mind…

Good morning, Precious Ones:

I pray that your life is on the most divine path possible. I encourage you to follow the voice of God and to always get confirmation that it is God’s voice you are following.

The Godly path will take trust even when the path looks unsure. Whenever God directs our path it does take trust and it also takes being intimate with the Holy Spirit.

If you have something in your life, like an addiction or stronghold, that you keep fighting with and you want to break free from, it may require a deep level of fasting and prayer. The main thing to remember during any fasting is to make your focus on getting closer to God. God is a Waymaker and a Miracle Worker.

Our Prayer: Father God, our hearts are turned toward you. We are crying out to you and seeking your face. We know you are the God that heals, restores and redeems. Thank you for being the healer and restorer of our mind and body. I specifically lift up Pastor John Gray and his health. We surround him with intercessions to heaven. Restore, redeem and heal every part of his life and body. We visualize and see him perfectly whole and standing in perfect health in this earthly plain. Strengthen his family and surround them in your perfect peace. In the precious and perfect name of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.


Be blessed family. I love you with the everlasting and amazing love of God.

Rev. Marcia Davis

2 thoughts on “Focused Mind…

  1. Good morning Pastor Davis.
    The Holy Spirit has lead me to this message this morning and I received it well. I thank you for your wisdom and your willingness to take time to reach out to God’s children. I am a child of the living king and with the Holy Spirit I have broken so many strongholds in my life. And I will take this message to heart and Examine myself mind body and soul and listen for the Holy Spirit to speak to me. You are such a blessing to so many people in this world that read your sacred journey passages be blessed.

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