Led and Inspired Writing…

A Note From the Vessel…

Good morning, Family,

I wanted to personally thank each of you for being on this journey of faith with me, as I write out what God puts on my heart and share what I feel led and inspired to write about.

God purposefully allowed me to call this site a “blog,” as the writings are about my Christian journey, both as a teacher and also a student, on this spiritual path.

One very important thing I’ve learned, as someone who flows in the prophetic and as a spiritual teacher, is if God has NOT told me to say or write something, on His behalf, I DON’T. It is a dangerous, bold, and prideful attitude to write or speak by my own power and authority, as a servant of the Lord.

On this blog, and whenever I am sharing about the Lord, it is my job to point you to Christ, not to me. I fear, love, and respect God entirely too much to speak out of turn.

In saying that, there may be days, each week, when you don’t hear anything from me. On the other hand, some weeks I may write every day. It truly depends on what God lays on my spirit and heart. This morning, I felt led to give an account of the process of my writings.

Family, you are all on my mind and in my heart each day and each week. I know that you may desire a devotional message each day, but I love you too much just to put words on a page. I sincerely hope you understand my heart and my love both for you and for the Lord. My first desire is to be obedient to Christ. If you feel an urge to hear from the Lord, ask him to speak to your heart. What a wonderful way to stay connected to Christ.

I know that most of you read the devotional messages that I write and are blessed. Even though you don’t write back or share your feelings, I can feel in my spirit when you have been touched by what God has said through his Word, the Worship Video, and the Prayer.

Yes, it is always good to know that my writings are not in vain, but ultimately, it’s not about me. It’s about Jesus trying to speak to you. The reason He has had me to write the devotionals is to connect with us. Don’t miss the moment to speak with God and have your own personal time communing with the Lord.

Again, I thank each of you for walking this sacred journey of faith with me. The road may be bumpy, at times, but I take comfort in knowing that we are not alone. (Be sure to listen to Worship Song below by Aretha Franklin).

May God bless you all, May he be gracious to you and keep a watchful eyes over each of you, in Jesus name. Amen. And so it is and shall be forever more.

In Christ alone,

Rev. Marcia Davis

Worship with Music

One thought on “Led and Inspired Writing…

  1. Thank you Rev. Davis, for your obedience to God. We know that God doesn’t waste any opportunity, so I know someone is being blessed and encouraged by your devotionals.

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