Worship with Scripture

Deuteronomy 28:1-6

Living Bible

28 “If you fully obey all of these commandments of the Lord your God, the laws I am declaring to you today, God will transform you into the greatest nation in the world. 2-6 These are the blessings that will come upon you:

Blessings in the city,
Blessings in the field;
Many children,
Ample crops,
Large flocks and herds;
Blessings of fruit and bread;
Blessings when you come in,
Blessings when you go out.

Worship with Music

Worship with Prayer

Jehovah God,

I woke up this morning thanking you, Lord, for so many blessings. Our scripture passage, today, reminds us of the fruitful harvest we will receive as we practice obedience to your Word. I may have some troubles, but my blessings, from you, outweighs them all. I praise You for allowing me to be able to see your marvelous glory every day. May your Word continue to flow through my heart and mind. Lord, I ask for the eyes of those that are called your children to be opened to how truly blessed they are. As we open our mouth, may we continually proclaim your faithfulness in times of trouble and in peace. You are our source and strength. Allow us the opportunity today to say, “Thank You,” each time we recognize your blessings in our lives. We understand that when we keep our eyes on You, and not our circumstances, our responses will change as well. May we speak to our Mountain with authority. We lift these prayers to you, in the name of your Son and our Redeemer, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Rev. Marcia Davis

One thought on “Blessed…

  1. When I think back to when my husband and I got married right out of high school, and could barely pay bills, and look at us now, I know that we are truly blessed. Just the fact that God continues to grant us his grace and new mercies everyday is a blessing all by itself. How can I not love, praise and worship him. He is so worthy to be praised!


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