Timely Throwback of Encouragement…

Good morning, Family:

Every once in a while, I will share past posts that are still timely and true. Today’s particular post is from 2015. Before I started this blog, I would share my heart on Facebook. Many years have past, but the eternal truth of who God Is – is timeless. God bless you all.

Be Encouraged

No one said the Christian lifestyle was easy.
Some days, my flesh wants one thing and my spirit wants another.

Some days, I have a spiritual temper-tantrum, because I want MY WAY.

However, I always remember the abundant peace that is waiting for me, when I surrender my will to God’s way.

Truthfully, some days I cry, but I count it ALL JOY.

God has proven Himself/Itself to be faithful to my heart’s cry.

Usually, when my flesh is craving something, its because there is an area of my life that I have not placed on the “ALTAR”.

Once I give up the struggle and take my hands off, GOD gives me more in return than what my heart longed for initially.

His way comes wrapped in perfect timing and perfect peace.

Be still and wait on the Lord…
He knows ALL ABOUT IT!!!
Be Encouraged. Dont Give Up.

Our Prayer

Heaven Father,

We love you and lift you higher than anyone or anything in our lives. We know that your timing and your ways are perfect. We pray for a heart like yours, so that we can be in tune with your precious Holy Spirit. Grant us patience, as we wait in worship and service, for your perfect will to be done. We lift this prayer to you, in the name of your most beautiful Gift, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Rev. Marcia Davis

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