I’ll See You Again…

Good morning, Family:

A precious member of our church called me yesterday to check on me and to let me know about several church members that have passed on and transitioned to heaven. My husband and I sit in the section of the church with the senior members, because we love their wisdom, their worship, and their willingness to lead others in the right way.

When we do return to church and sit where we normally do, our hearts will break not seeing those lovely faces. Today, I honor them and tell them “Thank You” for all you shared while you were on this earth. You changed our lives. It was a joy to worship the King with you. I look forward to seeing you again.

I’ll See You Again by Richard Smallwood

Until we meet at Jesus feet,

Rev. Marcia Davis

2 thoughts on “I’ll See You Again…

  1. Hi Rev. Davis, this is your usher Yolanda Fanning. Are you able to share names of those in our church family who have passed away? Also, the song by Richard Smallwood touched my heart and reminds me that I will see my loved ones again.

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