One more thing…

Good morning again.

I don’t typically send two messages in one day, but the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart this message to give you.

God wants you to know how much he truly, truly, truly loves you.

So many people take God’s love as a simple thing. The God that created everything that IS…loves you and me. I’m tearing up just thinking about. I want to do an “ugly” cry but I am at work.

Please don’t take God’s love as a casual thing. His love cost him everything and cost you nothing.

Let that sit with you.

Rev. Marcia Davis 1/14/2020 @ 10:42am.

2 thoughts on “One more thing…

  1. Thank you for that reminder. I am constantly amazed at how much God loves me, in spite of how disobedient I can be and have been, yet he continues to bless me and my family. I am grateful for his love. When no one else loves me, I know he does.

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