The God Who Sanctifies…


Jehovah Mekoddishkem

(The Lord Who Sanctifies You)

Father, I thank you for continually being God in my life and in every circumstance. I am grateful for your patience and mercy and that your desire is always for me to be better.

I thank you that you are a Sanctifier in every area of my life. Continue to have your way in my life. Continue to sanctify me as I grow and transform into your image and likeness.

Help me to trust your hands, your will and your methods for sanctifying me. I trust you completely, more than I trust anything else. Sanctify my thoughts, my mouth, my heart, my relationships, my finances, my worship and my life, as I walk and live for you.

Let my life be a reflection of your goodness, grace and mercy. Let the world, that I meet everyday, meet the woman you have sanctified and washed over with your Word and through the Resurection Power of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Serve the Lord with gladness and joy!!

Rev. Marcia Davis

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