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Good morning, Family:

Peace, blessings, and love to you all. What a great day to be alive! One more day for God to be glorified through us. We are the living epistles of Christ. We are the living, breathing and moving billboards of God.

What is your billboard advertising about your relationship with Jesus Christ? What is your billboard conveying to those that have a close encounter with you?

I wish I could say that everyday my billboard shined bright with the love and light of Jesus. To be honest, each day takes prayer, grace and sometimes forgiveness. I’m not perfect and there are plenty people, that know me, who would agree. What I can say for sure is that Jesus is my King and I love him with whole heart. Daily, I will do my best to glorify Him.

Every day it is my heart’s desire to be pleasing to God. I know that we all fall short, but it is our duty to keep getting up and trying again.

Family, I pray your strength in the Lord. Continue to stay encouraged, as you fight the good fight of faith. Do all that you can to stand.

Mediate on Ephesians 6 today…

In Christ, alone,

Rev. Marcia Davis