Sharing the Good News…


Good morning, Family:

One of the amazing and most important joys of being a Christian is being able to share the amazing Good News of Jesus Christ.

Why is being a Christian such good news and why should we tell others? The good news is Jesus loved us so much. He would do anything to be able to spend an eternity with us, even if it meant giving of himself.

The Word of God says that while we were yet sinners, Jesus gave his life, as the ultimate sacrifice for us. Our sin offering to God had to be blameless, without spot or defects. It had to be the first born. What could possibly be offered to God that would satisfy our debt?

God knew that no such sacrifice existed so he became the sacrifice. The perfect Love of God became a seed implanted in the virgin Mary.  Emmanuel, God with us, was now on earth to fulfill his mission of love.

Jesus offered himself on the cross, died and was buried in a borrowed tomb. On the third, the love story was completed. Jesus rose Alive!!! Death had been defeated and we who believe that Jesus is the Son of God are allowed to dwell with him, not only in eternity, but right here right now.

That is the Good News. God loved us so much that he gave his ONLY begotten, NOT MADE, Son as a sacrifice for our sin.

Go in peace and thanksgiving, knowing that you have bought with a Precious Price. The old you has passed away. You have been made brand new in Jesus Christ.

Rev. Marcia Davis

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