The Struggle is Real…


Good morning, Family:

Its Thursday morning a few minutes before 7:00am. I’m sitting outside my physical therapist office waiting for it to open. My alarm was set for 4:15am this morning. I woke up at 3:30 but went back to sleep.

I knew I had things that I needed to do before my appointment. However, for the last few weeks, my schedule has been so full so I truly have cherished every hour of sleep.

It’s so funny, I actually got out of bed at 5:15. I just couldn’t push my body to get up. I’ve been asking the Lord to help me wake up in the mornings and he has done just that. The problem is that I haven’t been obedient to getting up.  I do confess that is my error and I truly ask God to forgive me and to help me have the discipline to get out of bed.

Why is getting up two hours early so important, you may ask? First, when I get up early, I’m not rushed. I can take my time and get ready without running around the house. Second, traffic in Atlanta is ridiculous, so any chance I have to get out on the road early is always a plus. Finally, when I’m not rushed, I have time to hear from God and respond. Being available to God is so important to me.

Lord, God, I am fully available to you. Use me and my life for your glory, as you see fit. I’m available to you.

Go in peace, while serving and praising the Lord. 

Rev. Marcia Davis

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