Oh Sweet Wonder…


Good morning, Family:

I am always amazed at the majesty, beauty and greatness of our God. The God that created the earth, sky and see also took time to create you and me. Not only did he create us, but after doing so he said that we were good. 

Then, I think about how much God loved us, knowing all that we were and are capable of, as we were born into our sinful nature. Oh, but the sweet wonder of a loving, powerful, as and redeeming God. My soul begins to swell up inside of me as it recalls how good God has been. 

This weekend, I challenge each of us to think of the many ways the wonders of God has changed our lives. I would love to hear your testimonials. Your words will bless and encourage others. 

Exodus 15:11

Who else is like the Lord among the gods? Who is glorious in holiness like him? Who is so awesome in splendor, A wonder-working God?

Go in peace, while praising and serving our Wondrous God.

Rev. Marcia F. Davis