My Eyes Are on You…


Good morning, Family:

Happy New Year to you all. I pray that this year would bless your socks off, as you walk in obedience to the Spirit of the Living God. 

Obedience is a heavy word, depending on what is being asked of you. Obedience comes on many levels. However, when it comes to our walk with Jesus Christ, God made flesh, our obedience is critical. 

Have you ever been to the doctor and he or she holds up one finger and tells you not to move your head, but instead to follow their finger with your eyes only? You concentrate and focus on what their hand is doing. Making sure not to lose focus on what you are being asked to do.

In the same way, as when trials, storms, obstacles and just plain LIFE in general, come your way, it is so important, especially in those times, to follow the directions God is giving us. 

No matter what is going on around me, I focus on God, who is my peace. May our eyes always be on you, God. May our souls be at peace. So much so that we will be able to say, “It is well, my eyes are you.”

God bless you all. I’m so honored to be on this sacred life journey with each and every one of you. May we be a light to each other on the path.  

Numbers 6:24-26

Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

24 Y’varekh’kha Adonai v’yishmerekha.
     [May Adonai bless you and keep you.]

25 Ya’er Adonai panav eleikha vichunekka.
     [May Adonai make his face shine on you  and show you his favor.]

26 Yissa Adonai panav eleikha v’yasem l’kha shalom.
[May Adonai lift up his face toward you and give you peace.]’

Rev. Marcia F. Davis

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