His Grace Will Lead Me Home…

On the Edge of a Season

Marcia Davis

On the edge of a season, I sit. Not sure what paths are ahead. I keep my eyes fix and focused on the One who called me, created me and ordained me. My fears are real, in my head, but my heart tells me that it is Well with my Soul. I now stand at the edge of this season, I take a step of blind faith, as I hold my Daddy’s hand. 


Good morning, Family:

This morning, before I close out today’s devotional, I want to honor two great human beings. Senator John McCain and Aretha Franklin. Both of these incredible people have lived a life doing what they loved. 

Senator Mccain loved this country. He knew that the flag stood for something. He was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that our flag was honored. Senator Mccain loved his family and was a wonderful family man. Today, I honor his life, his work and his heart. May your walk into your next season be peaceful and blessed. Go with God. 

Aretha Franklin had a calling on her life from a very young age. Raised in the church, with a voice that could crack open heaven. Aretha’s gift touch millions and millions of lives over her lifetime. Thank you for your dedication to your craft and your calling, Ms. Franklin. May you enter into your next season singing a heavenly New Song. Go with God. 

Go with God,

Rev. Marcia Davis