Use Me, Lord…

yes to god

Good morning, Saints of the Most High God:

On Monday evening, I shared on my Facebook Page the word that the Lord spoke over me, as I quietly worked and cleaned, in my bedroom, while worship music was playing. 

I was feeling a little empty, in my soul, and I was just missing my intimate time with God. I stay pretty busy between being a business owner/minister, a fulltime employee, fulltime student, fulltime wife and as well being a inspirational writer of daily devotionals. 

I love all of my roles and do them with joy and thanksgiving as unto the Lord. On Monday, I was just weak and I knew nothing would energize me except spending time with God. As the worship played, and I began to sing along, I could feel the atmosphere changing. 

This is the word God spoke over my heart:

“I’m always here, Marcia. You just have to slow down. You are excited and doing powerful things in the ministry I have called you to, but for a brief moment I’m calling you to soak even deeper in MY PRESENCE.

I’m preparing to open doors that you have never seen before and I dont want the blessings that are coming to scare you.

Marcia, you are so used to holding onto my leg, like a little child holding onto their parent. I’ve been preparing you this entire time. You are almost ready for your next season. Dont be afraid or anxious. Dont shy away, just because it is unfamiliar.

I have already prepared a place for you, Marcia. Now, I am preparing You for the place. 

Wait patiently. Worship like you never have before, even if you have to come before me alone. I will let you know when it’s time. Until then, continue to do the work I have called you to do.”

This message, from God, blessed me so much. I felt led to share it with you, all. I know that there may be many of you out there working, with joy,  for the Lord, as well. Your new season isn’t quite here yet because you still have some more work to do and growing to do in this season.

There is nothing worse than going into a season too early or too late. So, I encourage you, and me as well, to continue to work diligently and faithfully in the vineyard until God says we are ready for the next season. 

Allow the Lord to continue to use you, no matter what that looks like. Like my favorite gospel song says, “If you can use anything, Lord, use me…”

Be blessed and encouraged, Saints.

I love you with an amazing and everlasting love.

There is still much more work to do in this current season. Amen

Rev. Marcia Davis

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