What is in a Name?


Leviticus 20:26

New International Version (NIV)

26 You are to be holy to me because I, theLord, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.

Good morning, Children of the Most High and Holy God.

I have a question for you this morning. Why is a name or title so important? A name, title or label gives identity to a person, place or thing.

One more question for you? When you think of the word “holy or holiness” in conjunction with God, what images or characteristics come to your mind? To be holy means to be set apart.

In today’s scripture reading, God tells us that we are holy because He is holy. God has given us an identity. God has PURPOSELY said that He set us apart. That means that we are different than the rest world. Our fragrance should linger with presence of God. 

Why does God call us Holy? Why are we to be “set apart”? As a holy people, we come from and are dedicated to a Holy God. Our lives are not our own, but as people that accept their new identity in Christ, we are the set apart ones, whose lives have been sacrificed to live in holiness and who wake each morning on the journey of daily sanctification. A holy people is our given title and identity. A sanctified people is our ongoing daily work. Find out more about sanctification tomorrow. 

I love you with an amazing and everlasting holy love.

Rev. Marcia Davis