Claim Your Prize…


If you have ever been stuck, trapped, or caught and couldn’t break free, it is a terrible feeling. Once freed, there is an immediate since of gratitude and thankfulness. You want every chance to tell people about your experience and how you were freed.

This is exactly how I felt when I truly gave my life over to Christ. Even though I accepted Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Savior, at a very young age, it wasnt until years later that I fully accepted and walked in my salvation. I did not truly understand the gift and power that I possessed, until I began learning and studying the Word of God.

This may be a controversial statement, but it is MY TRUTH.  I believe that there is a difference in the quality of a person’s life once they Accept and Walk in their salvation. What are you saying Marcia?

What I’m saying is that it takes time for most people to understand the fullness of salvation. It takes time of studying and having intimate relationship and fellowship, with Christ, to FULLY grasp what salvation has done. With salvation comes power, authority, dominion and a great inheritance. The only way most people find out these things is by spending quality time with God, by chasing after God.

It’s like having the winning lottery ticket in your pocket but not realizing you are the winner. You will not benefit from the ticket and all it has to offer, until you redeem the ticket and receive the prize. Yes, you have already won, but you haven’t taken advantage of being a winner. (No, I am not promoting gambling. This is just an analogy)

Read what the bible says:

Isaiah 61:1 

Contemporary English Version (CEV)

The Good News of Victory

61 The Spirit of the Lord God
    has taken control of me!
The Lord has chosen and sent me
to tell the oppressed
    the good news,
to heal the brokenhearted,
and to announce freedom
    for prisoners and captives.

Jesus has freed us, WALK JOYFULLY AND BOLDLY IN YOUR FREEDOM, THROUGH CHRIST. Study the Word of God. Find out who you are in Christ.

ALERT: The most used tactic of Satan is to keep the body of Christ ignorant to who they truly are. Satan knows if we EVER found out and truly walked in our authority, we would turn this world upside Right.


I love you with an amazing and everlasting love.

Rev. Marcia Davis




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