God will, Show Up…

Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!!!!

What an awesome week this has been. We have received great feedback on how much people have enjoyed this week’s devotionals, as we Worship in Every Language. I may have to continue this for another week. There are still so many languages we have not covered.

If you have time, this weekend, write me back and tell me your native language. We are ALL brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Today we close out the week with a praise song written by Pastor John P. Key entitled, “Show Up.” The song is performed by one of my favorite choirs, The Heritage Mass Choir out of Seoul Korea.

Be blessed today and know that I love you with an AMAZING LOVE. Rev. Marcia Davis 

Here are the English lyrics. Read along as you listen.


If there be anyone who’s going through
We have an answer to the problem for you.

Trust and obey and never give in…

Only the strong shall survive and win.
Just ask the question and the answer shall come
Just exercise your faith and know He’s the one

If there is no sign, keep this in mind
He’ll show up on time

God is not a man that He’ll tell you a lie
If He tells you so, on Him you can rely

Show up, show up, show up
He’ll show up on time

Show up, show up, show up
Show up

He will show up, show up
He will show up, show up
He will show up, show up on time

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