Is Your Faith on Trial…


Good morning, All:

I’m sure, by now, most of the country has heard about the terrible tragedy that took place in the small Texas town yesterday.

Whether it’s a mass shooting at a church in the news, or a coach being banned from praying with his team of high school athletes, it seems like Christians are being attacked and silenced all over the world.

How should we respond when our rights to believe and being a Christian are attacked every day?

If you can, take time to read: Acts 16:16-40. It is a long but powerful scripture passage regarding how standing on your faith can reap great rewards. 

If you are a lover, disciple and follower of Jesus Christ, never be ashamed of the Cross. Never grow silent. Never look the other way when you see injustice. If we dont stand up, then who will?

Our Prayer:

Father God, thank you for calling us as your own. May everything we do, throughout our days, bring glory and honor to and your only begotten son. May we stand boldly in the face of evil and shine your light brightly among all  men, so that they will also want to know about the Everlasting God that we serve. We seal this prayer and call it so, by the blood and resurrection power of your Son and our Redeemed, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Please take your place in line and interlock your arms with your Christian brothers from around the world. From every tribe, every nation and every language. Stand Up!!!!

Onward Christian Soldiers!!!!

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