Happy Anniversary


A year ago today, I began this on-line devotion. So many things have happened in time span of a year. I have grown to trust God more. I have also grown in my faith and my obedience to the Lord.

At first, this devotional journey was only once or twice a week. Then the Holy Spirit led me to write five days a week.

I pray that over the past year that you have been fed, either by the message or by the music, or both. Every person’s journey, through this life, is both sacred and divine. I am just here to provide encouragement along the way.

I am so grateful that God has never let go of me. I serve the Lord because it is my way of saying, “Thank You, God, for never giving up on me. Please use me however you need me.”

I love you with an AMAZING LOVE. Be blessed in all you do.

Rev. Marcia Davis

The worship video today is special to me. God is continually changing me, shaping me and molding me. This is the song that I selected the evening I was ordained into the ministry to be a servant for the Kingdom of God. The song is performed by Tramine Hawkins and is entitled, “Changed.”

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