Hello, Everyone:

I just have to take the time to tell you, “Thank You” for your support and feedback of The Sacred Journey daily devotionals.

People ask me if I write each devotion. The answer is most definitely YES. It is an honor and privilege to be used by God and to share his heart for you. I am simply the vessel that has bowed in obedience to God’s will. If we are willing, God will use our gifts, talent and anointing for His glory.

I am a worshipper, so the reason I end each devotion with a worship or praise video is because the songs support the Word of God. The songs also allows the reader to meditate on the message for the day, all day. You may hear the song on the radio and instantly remember the bible passage that you read just days or weeks earlier.

I pray that you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

I love you with an AMAZING and Everlasting Love and there is nothing you can do to about it.

Rev. Marcia F. Davis
The Sacred Journey

This worship song means so much to me and it is truly a reflection of my heart. My desire is for God to use ALL of me. My hands, feet, mouth, etc.

The song is entitled, “Use Me” and it is written and performed by Rickie Byars Beckwith.

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