The Master’s Calling

There is a song by Debroah Joy Winans entitled, “The Master’s Calling.” Every time I hear it my heart flutters because the song speaks to my biggest fear, as a worshipper, which is not being able to hear God’s voice.

The most precious part of my life is my relationship with God, followed by my relationship with my husband.

Being able to hear the voice of God, through the Holy Spirit, is immeasurable. Nothing can replace my relationship with God. Being able to be close to God, every day, is as important as the air I breathe.

If you are desiring a more intimate relationship with God, ask Him to speak to your heart. Ask God to show you how to come closer to Him. Very soon, after you invite God into your heart, you will begin to get nudges in your spirit. When that happens just listen quietly.

As a Christian, the very best way to get know God is through His Word. A few moments before you begin to read the bible, ask God to speak to your heart and teach you and give you understanding, through the Holy Spirit. I promise, as you read you will gain supernatural understanding.

Guard your heart from things or people that may want to pull you away from your relationship with God. What is their motive and why does the way you live your life make them want to change you?

If there is anything I can do to help you in your spiritual journey, please let me know. I would be honored to walk with you on the path.

Please enjoy the worship video for today by Debroah Joy Winans.